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Regulations | Hotel complex Strawberry Hills in the City of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


These Regulations are obligatory for all visitors.

The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure safe and comfortable conditions for a most agreeable pastime. We request you to read, thoroughly understand the Regulations and abide by them.

  • The Administration has a right to refuse access to the Fitness centre in case of multiple violations of the above mentioned regulations.
  • The Administration bears no responsibilityfor injuries and casualties related to violation of the aforementioned regulations..
  • The Administration bears no responsibilityfor lost or left unattended belongings.
  • If you have questions then you can send us a message or give a call (4242) 45-07-07

General rules

  1. At the entrance to the Fitness centre putting of shoe covers on is obligatory.
  2. Using of glassware or glass articles for the exception of tea glasses in the recreation room is prohibited.
  3. Visits to the Fitness centre when drunk, drug intoxicated or when residual signs are evident is prohibited.
  4. It is strictly recommended to use swimming cap when swimming.
  5. It is urgently recommended to receive an introductory instruction in the exercise room to prevent injuries.
  6. Self-reliant in the exercise room are carried out at one’s own risk.
  7. Prior to the regular training it is required to undergo qualified a medical examination. The following people shall be especially concerned: those who have relatives with a high blood pressure and heart diseases, persons above 45, smoking persons, pregnant women, people with high level of cholesterol, excessive weight and persons who had no regular training during the year.
  8. Visitors must take good care of the equipment to avoid damage and premature wear.
  9. Parents are personally responsible for life and health of their children within the Fitness centre area.
  10. Children under 15 must not visit the Fitness centre unattended. Children from 10 through 14 may stay in the exercise room only under the strict control of their parents or an accompanying adult. Parents are responsible for behavior of their children in the exercise room. Visits of children under 10 to the exercise room are prohibited with the exception of using the treadmill and only under the strict control of their parents.
  11. Visitors must wear only clean sports shoes and clothes. Rubber bedroom-slippers, outside shoes and overshoes are prohibited.
  12. Upon finishing your training session you must return the equipment you used to its place. During your training session never leave the equipment in the way of other visitors.
  13. It is prohibited to drop the equipment on the floor during session. Gymnastic apparatus must be carefully returned to its place.
  14. It is prohibited to drop weights of the cable training machines. Put weights slowly without any noise.
  15. It is prohibited to use swimming pool and jacuzzi if there are open wounds, or other kinds of skin diseases.
  16. While exercising avoid contacts of exposed parts of your body with synthetic coating of the sports equipment. Use your towel for the purpose.
  17. Observe regulations of personal hygiene. Do not use cosmetics and medicine preparations with a sharp smell.
  18. You can control musical devices only on the permission of the Instructor or other users.
  19. Using sports equipment, do not forget about other visitors.
  20. Observe safety regulations; be polite towards other visitors and personnel.
  21. Immediately notify the Instructor or the Administrator of the Fitness centre of all failures of the equipment.

When using Cardio equipment observe the following:

  1. Receive instruction from the Instructor on a proper using of Cardio equipment and programs intended to reach a desired objective.
  2. Ask the Instructor to monitor your activity for some time until you fill self-confident.
  3. If you are beginner, always fasten to your dress the cord for safe stopping of the training machine.
  4. Do not leave your dress, towel and other articles on the rails of training machines.
  5. It is prohibited to put a liquid in the open container near moving parts of the training machine and also on the floor by the training machine.
  6. It is recommended to wear sport shoes with rubber or wavy sole to ensure stability. It is prohibited to use rubber bedroom-slippers, spiked shoes, shoes with leather soles. Soles must have no inserted stones. Training without footwear is prohibited. Laces must be carefully tied.
  7. It is require carefully approach a training machine or leave it. In the moment of starting the program, your feet must rest on side panels and not on the running lane.
  8. It is required to avoid talking during moving to prevent losing your balance. Also never turn to your sides and never turn round.
  9. Upon finishing your training it is required to wipe rails, display and seat by a wet tissue.

Regulations for visitors of the Water zone:

  1. It is urgently recommended to have a shower before going to the pool or Jacuzzi.
  2. Pre-school age and younger children are allowed to visit Jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath only with their parents or accompanying adults.
  3. Prior to visiting the pool and Jacuzzi an infant must have a shower and go to the toilet! Children under 3 must swim in the pool and Jacuzzi only with a swimming disposable diaper.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to jump into the pool from its side boards, run in the Water zone, make a great noise and splash water from baths of the Water zone.
  5. You must take towels, dressing gowns and swimming articles from the changing room and put them into the container for dirty clothes located at the exit of the Fitness centre; rubber bedroom-slippers must be put in the reservoir with a disinfectant solution located in the changing room.
  6. It is personnel who activates / switches off the counter flow in the pool and water ejector in Jacuzzi.
  7. It is personnel who regulate the temperature in sauna and bath.
  8. We request you to observe the social order regulations, do not bother other people, and keep clean.
  9. Swimming in the pool may restricted due to necessity to carry out maintenance operations or conducting training or health related swimming sessions.