Fares and passes

Flexible membership system has been developed in the Fitness center Dolphin to enable each visitor choose the most convenient schedule.

Payment for services means compliance with the regulations for visitors of the Fitness center Dolphin.

Gym Membership


from 700 till 1400
(excl.weekend and holidays)

For 33 hours
(valid for 4 months)

4 290


from 700 till 2230
(Monday through Sunday)

For 10 hours
(valid for 2 months)

3 000

For 23 hours
(valid for 3 months)

4 500

For 33 hours
(valid for 4 months)

5 780

For 43 hours
(valid for 5 months)

6 880


from 700 till 2230
Up to 10 years old incl.

For 23 hours
(valid for 3 months)

2 070


Having bought 3 gym memberships you will get 2 bonus hours on the constant base

Bonus hours does not apply for 10 hours, children and morning Gym memberships.

Personal Subscriptions

(excl. Weekend & Holidays)
No time limit


from 700 till 1400

For children and  retired persons

Children up to 10 years incl., women older than 55 years old, men older than 60 years old

Valid during 30 working days

2 000

Valid during 45 working days

2 600

For others

Valid during 35 working days

3 500


from 1800 till 2230

Valid during 35 working days

5 000


This kind of gym membership is not transferable to another person

Rates for the one-time visit of the fitness center


from 700 till 1400

Monday through Friday

For adults


For children


Аfternoon and evening

from 1400 till 2230

Monday through Friday

For adults


For children


Weekend & Holidays

from 700 till 2230

For adults


For children



Children up to 10 years incl.

Rates are per hour

Solarium price-list

1 session


5 sessions


10 sessions

1 700

Corporate fitness

Corporate fitness is a concept followed by more and more companies that understand its significance in maintaining a healthy microclimate in the team (both in direct sense of the word and the figurative one).

Call us to discuss ways to increase physical strength, stamina and the way to health and wealth of your team members.

We will find the convenient form for your employees to visit our Fitness centre.


  • The moment of settling of accounts with the Administrator before leaving the Fitness centre is considered to be completion of the visit.
  • Membership for children is valid for purchasing for children up to 10 inclusive.
  • In view of illness of a child, a memebership for children may be used by adults according to the following rate: 1 hour of an adult visit is equal to 2.5 hours of the visit of a child.
  • In case of a reasonable excuse, the period of validity of a membership may be extended only once by not more than 14 days.
  • Working hours may be changed during New Year’s Holidays.
  • On the last Monday of a month the Fitness centre is closed till 3 p.m. вin connection with conducting sanitary and hygienic activities.

If you have questions then you can send us a message, or give a call (4242) 45-07-07