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Japanese tunnels (Toyohara - Maoka) | Hotel complex Strawberry Hills in the City of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Japanese tunnels (Toyohara - Maoka)

In the middle of 1920 by Japan, began active construction of railways in the south of Sakhalin. Construction was carried out accelerated pace, 84 km of railroad tracks passing through difficult mountainous terrain, were built in just 7 years. The overall length of 5087 meters of tunnels and over 30 bridges.

They built roads led Forced Korean workers, called " tacos " were brought specifically for this purpose. The workers worked in terrible conditions, witnesses said that the number of sleepers lying on the railroad, so many bodies, " taco " is buried in the ground. The road runs for nearly 60 years, and in 1994 it was decided to destroy the road. Until now, the tourists like to visit the picturesque sections of the road, for example, the devil and witch bridge, drainage structures.