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Aniva lighthouse | Hotel complex Strawberry Hills in the City of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Aniva lighthouse

One of the most beautiful places on Sakhalin - Aniva lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1939, designed by Japanese engineer Shinobu Miura. During Japanese rule, the lighthouse served as a 4 person, even before 1990 years, but - due to heavy conditions for life, reduced staff, currently operates autonomously beacon on solar batteries.

To get to there you can only by sea, renting a boat. Day tour begins c 7 : 00 am, departure from Yuzhno – Sakhalinsk to Korsakov. Coming off a road Korsakov on Aniva Bay, for 3 hours. On the way two stops, cape Marble and cape Aniva. At this time, you can enjoy fishing from the ship, as well as fresh fish for lunch. Return to Yuzhno - Sakhalinsk at 19:00.

The cost of the tour of 8500 rubles.

Information provided by OOO «Omega-Plus» E-mail:. Info@omega-plus.ru Tel.: ( 4242 ) 72-34-10, 72-17-87, 500-130