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Ainu | Hotel complex Strawberry Hills in the City of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


Ainu people is considered one of the most mysterious peoples of the world. Traces of this ancient culture have been found for 10 thousand bc. Amazing culture, anticipatory in its development of the culture of ancient Egypt, China, India, Rome and Greece. It was found that the most ancient ceramic tradition of the world, is considered Ainu ceramics - Jеmon.

Ainu mythology is divided into several worlds. Canna Mosiri is the upper world, in this world live Ainu hemselves. It looks like an island, which lies on the back of a huge salmon. Lower, wet world -Nitne Komuy Mosiri, afterlife, filled with scary ghosts, in which poor people find themselves. Komuy Mosiri at ains mythology - a paradise. This world is filled with good spirits, deities who live there upside dow. According to legend, " Ainu " means - the person, noble, true man.

The appearance of the Ainu - unique, they have a high body and facial pilosity. Women from youth, do yourself a traditional symbol that enhances the contour of the lips. His unique view, culture, traditions and the Ainu do not belong to one civilization in the world.

Today, there are officially about 20,000 Ainu living in Japan.