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Evergreen Lounge-Bar | Hotel complex Strawberry Hills in the City of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Evergreen Lounge-Bar

«Evergreen» Lounge-BAR is a stylish and cozy venue to arrange business appointments and make dates, celebrate birthday and just have a rest from the everyday fuss.

Soft couches and arm chairs surrounded by flowers and greenery, great windows lit by the sun will help you to relax and enjoy the taste of dishes.

The view of horizon from great windows of the bar will give rein to your imagination and dreams. And smell of fragrant freshly brewed coffee and sweet-scented brewed tea will add up to the atmosphere of comfort and unforgettable feeling of coziness of the «Evergreen» Lounge- BAR.

How to find us

It is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

Come to us, and you will spend quiet moments of rest and relaxation.


Pizza takeaway

Pizza takeaway

Treat your friends

  • With tuna and squid - 660 rubles 
  • "NAPOLI" with salami and ham - 660 rubles 
  • "Pazzi" with chicken and quail eggs - 660 rubles 
  • "Margaret" Classic - 500 rubles 
  • With sharp sausage bacon and mushrooms - 590 rubles 
  • "Quarto formadzho" 4 cheese - 550 rubles 
  • "Devil" with minced meat and jalapenos - 640 rubles